Zanabazar,1st Jebtsundamba

  • Өндөр гэгээн Занабазар / Αнхдугаар Богд / Αнхдугаар Жавзандамба хутагт / Öndör gegeen Janabajar / Anxdugaar Bogd / Anxdugaar ǰawjandamba xutagt
  • Öndür gege(ge)n ǰanabaǰar/ Angqaduγar Bogda/ Angqaduγar ǰibǰundamba qutuγtu
  • khal kha rje btsun dam pa sku phreng gcig pa
  • Tsakli (ritual card)
  • 19th century
  • Pigment on cotton
  • Height: not filled / Width: not filled / Depth: not filled
  • Collection: Hans Leder, Inv. Nr.: 75164
  • Weltmuseum Wien
  • © KHM mit MVK und ÖTM
Zanabazar, the first Jebtsundamba Khutuktu, wears the threefold robe of an fully ordained monk. On most of the images, he does not wear a headgear, revealing his bald head. In his right hand, he holds a vajra, displaying with his fingers the vajra gesture or the threatening gesture, and, in his left, he grasps a bell – both attributes of his tantric accomplishment. He sits on a mat with five cushions placed on a throne structure. A curtain is hanging behind the throne and a cloth baldachin above it. A table with implements for tantric ceremonies stands to his side. A symbolic offering to the five senses is placed in front of him.
© Olaf Czaja
Zanabazar,1st Jebtsundamba
/ Mongolia / 19th century / Weltmuseum Wien / © KHM mit MVK und ÖTM