Pravira Tara

  • /
  • Rab tu dpa’ bo’i sgrol ma
  • 19th century
  • Paper
  • Height: 8,5 cm / Width: 6,5 cm / Depth: not filled
  • Collection: Hans Leder, Inv. Nr.: 59728
  • Néprajzi Múzeum Budapest
This print shows Pravira Tara, one of the Twenty-One Taras in the Suryagupta tradition. In her eight arms, she holds a vajra and a bell with the gesture of great joy over the crown of her head (first pair), a bow and an arrow (second), a wheel and a sword (both remaining right) and a conch and a noose (both remaining left).
© Olaf Czaja
Pravira Tara
/ Mongolia / 19th century