Medicine Buddhas (group)

  • /
  • Thangka
  • 19th century
  • Mineral pigment
  • Height: 69 cm / Width: 37 cm / Depth: not filled
  • Collection: Leder/ Umlauff, Inv. Nr.: 33547
  • Völkerkundemuseum vPST Heidelberg
  • © Völkerkundemuseum vPST Heidelberg/ ÖAW
This coloured print shows the dark blue Medicine Buddha, Bhaishajyaguru, who was popular as a single deity but also as the leader of the group of the Seven Medicine Buddhas, with the addition of Buddha Shakyamuni. Wearing the three robes of an ordained monk, he sits absorbed in deep meditation. With his right hand, he displays the gesture of boon-granting and, at the same, grasps the stem of a ripe myrobalan fruit. His left rests on his lap with an alms-bowl made of blue beryl that is filled with ambrosia. In the upper corners, a Geluk monk, possibly Tsongkhapa, and Amitayus are depicted. The bodhisattvas Suryavairochana and Candravairochana stand to the sides of his throne.
© Olaf Czaja
Medicine Buddhas (group)
/ Mongolia / 19th century / © Völkerkundemuseum vPST Heidelberg/ ÖAW