Avalokiteshvara, thousand-armed

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  • sPyan ras gzigs phyag stong spyan stong
  • Thangka
  • 19th century
  • Cotton
  • Height: 75 (42,5) cm / Width: 41 (29,5) cm / Depth: not filled
  • Collection: Leder/ Umlauff, Inv. Nr.: 33602
  • Völkerkundemuseum vPST Heidelberg
  • © Völkerkundemuseum vPST Heidelberg/ ÖAW
This coloured print is dedicated to the thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara, also often called Mahakarunika, who is surrounded by the Buddhas of the Three Times, Buddha Shakyamuni (top middle), Dipamkara (top left) and Maitreya (top right), two female goddesses, the White Tara (middle left) and the Green Tara (middle right), and one wealth deity, the yellow Jambhala (bottom middle) and two guardians of the dharma, Vajrapani (left) and Hayagriva (right).
© Olaf Czaja
Avalokiteshvara, thousand-armed
/ Mongolia / 19th century / © Völkerkundemuseum vPST Heidelberg/ ÖAW