White Tara

  • Цагаан Дарь эх / Cagaan Dar' ex
  • Čaγan dar-a eke
  • sGrol ma dkar mo
  • Sita Tārā
  • Thangka
  • 19th century
  • Cotton
  • Height: 100 cm / Width: 74 cm / Depth: not filled
  • Collection: Leder/ Umlauff, Inv. Nr.: 33866
  • Völkerkundemuseum vPST Heidelberg
  • © Völkerkundemuseum vPST Heidelberg/ ÖAW
The White Tara is white as the moon, shining and immaculate. Sitting in vajra cross-legged posture, she is of youthful appearance and is gracefully smiling. She possesses seven eyes, three on her face and one on each palm and sole. She displays the gesture of generosity with her right hand and holds the stem of a white utpala-lotus that blossoms at the height of her ear with her left hand. She is surrounded by numerous small images of herself.
© Olaf Czaja
White Tara
/ Mongolia / 19th century / © Völkerkundemuseum vPST Heidelberg/ ÖAW