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  • 19th century
  • Height: not filled / Width: not filled / Depth: not filled
  • Collection: Hans Leder, Inv. Nr.: 65026
  • Weltmuseum Wien
  • © KHM mit MVK und ÖTM
This fragmentary folio is a page from a work, requesting a spiritual master to remain in this world (Tib. zhabs brtan) and an eulogy (Tib. bstod pa). It is from the collected writings of an unknown religious diginitary. At the left margin, the Tibetan letter “Ta” denotes that it is the 9th volume and the Tibetan number seven that it is the 7th folio. The same details on volume and pagination are additionally given in Chinese.
© Olaf Czaja
Unidentified Text
/ Mongolia / 19th century / Weltmuseum Wien / © KHM mit MVK und ÖTM