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  • Thangka
  • 19th century
  • Mineral pigment
  • Height: not filled / Width: not filled / Depth: not filled
  • Collection: Leder/ Umlauff, Inv. Nr.: 38918
  • Völkerkundemuseum vPST Heidelberg
  • © Völkerkundemuseum vPST Heidelberg/ ÖAW
This print consists of two parts. The upper part shows the Five Personal Deities. The lower part is an amulet praying for the help of Kubera, the god of wealth. The consecration formula “Om ah hum” is written in red Tibetan letters on the back, together with the formula of Buddhist creed and a prayer for welfare for the monk Lozang pelten who was the patron for this print. It reads: “Om ye dharma hetu prabhava hetun teshan tathagato hya vadat teshanca yo nirodha evam vadi mahashramana svaha // yon bdag dge btsul [tshul] blo bzang dpal brtan zhes bya ba tshe dang dpal ldan ’byor ba dang / mi nor zas gsum char bzhin phob / bsod nams longs spyod pustim gu ru om / bkra shis pa dang dge ba ’phel gyur cig / ??? ’phel gyur cig.”
© Olaf Czaja
Multiple Images
/ Mongolia / 19th century / © Völkerkundemuseum vPST Heidelberg/ ÖAW