Kshetrapala (Tsam figure)

  • /
  • Tsam figure
  • begin 20th century
  • Wood
  • Height: not filled / Width: not filled / Depth: not filled
  • Collection: Hans Leder, Inv. Nr.: 74713
  • Weltmuseum Wien
  • © KHM mit MVK und ÖTM
Several small wooden figures depicting expressively characters of the Tsam dance ceremony (T. ´cham), one of the most important Buddhist festivities, form an extraordinary group within the Leder collections. Twelve figures are housed in the Weltmuseum Wien (the former Museum für Völkerkunde Wien).This figure represents Kshetrapala who is one of the four companions of the Protector God Mahākāla. The mask and the costume are in blue; in his right hand he holds a curved knife, in his left a ritual dagger, phurbu (cf. Lang 2013: 70, Yadamsuren 2005: 84; Chadraabal Degdug).
© M.-K. Lang
Kshetrapala (Tsam figure)
/ Mongolia / begin 20th century / Weltmuseum Wien / © KHM mit MVK und ÖTM